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La Verita
I am a half kuwaiti/half american girl living in Kuwait. I am perpetually suspended in the granite hollow that fills the space between two worlds... Not quite who I am, not quite who I want to be... Cat-lover, poet, music-nut. I currently hold a PHD in both BS and Smartass. In short, I pitch my tent in the median of life..


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"Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live."


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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Summer is here, the weather is shitty beyond description, bring on the reality shows!

There are literally no words to describe how depressed I am right now.... Let me put this in context for you...

This is my first summer (in my life) spent completely in Kuwait, now I'm not sure exactly what people do all summer in Kuwait, but I imagine the beach, boating on the water etc. may have something to do with it...

Clearly not an option this summer >>>

So, what are we supposed to do, since God is obviously punishing us for something by making this summer the summer from hell?

Going out is not an option... for obvious reasons, which for redundancy's sake I will list here,

spiky haired boys at the mall,

shitty weather which makes leaving house to go to mall seriously questionable,

you can only go to the mall so many times,

all of the above pretty much applies to everything else, just substitute mall with restaurant, cafe, etc....

So, where is a girl to turn for entertainment? If you said TV, congratulations! You win a big bag of sand, step outside to collect your prize....

Reality shows will be my solace this summer...

American Idol is over, me so happy David Cook won! Love him! I'm kinda sad that Archie didn't win though, now he has to go home, where there's no ban on his dad....

So, now its on to So You Think You Can Dance.... I'm not too excited about the season so far... saw the first dance episode, my faves were:

Mia's freaky Tim Burton Wedding dance

Napolean and Tabatha's (I will never tire of their names) hip hop routine for No Air

Two dances out of, what?, ten routines....? pretty shitty opening show if you ask me....

I'm desperately trying to bring myself to get back into Lost (I stopped watching after the abomination that was the Season 2 finale)... but I can't seem to do... watching that show is more work than any show has a right to be.... I want fluff, I want wit, I want fast paced little ditties for shows!

which is why Colbert and Stewart will never let me down...

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- Layla


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Sunday, April 27, 2008
Immigrant Idol is finally over... Hallelujah!

So, I watch American Idol... Its one of my many vices, trailing behind coffee, the Beatles, dance movies and those other things, which for several reasons, we won't mention...

Anyhoo, there were plenty of contestants who pissed me off this season, Kristy Lee I-sold-my-horse-to-be-on-this-damn-show Cook, David shake-what-yo'-mama-gave-ya Hernandez, and Chikizie Lemon-squeezy Ezie , to name a few.... But without a doubt, the ones who pissed me off the most, were Michael if-you-squint hard-enough-I-kinda-sorta-look-like-Chris-Martin Johns, and Carly I-get-more-Irish-by-the-Idol-minute Smithson. These two wannabe's pissed me off to no end! On the one hand, you have Michael, who thinks he's God's gift to American radioplay... On the other hand, you've got Carly, who is clearly one f*cked up lass.... At least I could stomach Michael... most of the time... Carly was just too much to bear... Allow me to count the ways:
1. She cried after her audition (although don't know if it was because they accepted her or because Simon said she sounded worse than she did when she auditioned two years ago)
2. She chose Blackbird by Paul McCartney on Beatles night, but chose to relate it to her situation as a wannabe Rockstar than no one likes... Do not degrade a Beatles song like that, bitch! Its like Britney Spears trying to convince us that Hit Me Baby, One More Time is actually about her abusive childhood...
3. She got a 7 tattoo on her ring finger... to denote Season 7 of American Idol.... 'nuff said.
4. She was waaaaay too desperate for Simon's approval.
Well, i'm happy to say that Immigrant Idol is finally over. Michael got the boot a couple of weeks ago and Carly got canned last week...
Hopefully, the rest of the girls will start trickling out and it'll be a boys only finale!
Peace, Love & Beatniks
- Layla
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
2008 is the year of change.

That's what my work calendar for 2008 said, '2008 is the year of change'... and you know what? it feels like eerie foresight on their part; 2 months into the year and my brother has gotten married, I'm in the process of making a professional 'change'.... so far, so good i guess.. although I had a teacher once who said that 'so far so good' was a pointless phrase as it doesn't really say anything...

But things have indeed changed since the last time I wrote... I've come down with a mild case of Beatle-mania.... I've gone through maybe 4 crushes..... gotten a pretty drastic haircut.... been to New York three more times... made some new friends that i care dearly for...

I'm turning 25 in three weeks... that should be fun... I feel a quarter life crisis just round the bend...

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Thursday, March 01, 2007
Evolution, Sex and American Idol

The new issue of New York Times Magazine boasts a cover piece that examines religion as a product of evolution. The piece works on the premise that since humans are adaptable creatures (with brains no less) then we created our idea of God because we needed an agent for the cause of our creation. This is similar to how we figured out that if a ball rolls across the floor then someone or something must have pushed it at some point thereby causing its motion. Its a reasonable way of looking at things and I'm sure it was probably the main catalyst that caused paganism, but I don't know what it means for religion as a whole... There's another piece that looks at the recent spate of college erotica, in which students riff on sexual themes and, sometimes, pose nude. What was once a career-ending decision is now routine for some students: ''A body is a body is a body, and I'm proud of my body, and why not show my body? It's not going to keep me from having a job," says the founder of one Boston University publication. This brings me to Antonella Barba, the chick from American Idol whose erotic pics have been popping up all over the net. Should she be voted off because she's not "pure"? I mean, should a girl who has posed nude and given oral sex on camera be an American Idol (emphasis on Idol)?

Pubic-chinned Head broke down on screen this week because his baby started smiling and he missed it... What I wanna know is how is it possible that Hobbit Head's wife is shorter than him?!?! ... Is she an elf?

I usually don't find the chicks on American Idol very appealing... they tend to bore me, but that may stem from the fact that I don't like female singers in general (and when I do like females, its the lower toned ones i.e. Annie Lennox, Tracy Chapmen etc.)... I'm usually more into the guys and this season is no different. Two of the guys especially have been impressing me with their song choices... I go all Randy Jackson every week and moan about contestant song choices... but these two, Blake Lewis and Chris Richardson, have been making really good song choices so far...

Blake Lewis sang 'Somewhere only we know' by Keane on the first studio show and 'Virtual Insanity' by Jamiroquoi on the second.

Chris Richardson scored even higher on my list of song choices by going with 'I don't wanna be' by Gavin DeGraw on the first show and 'Geek in the Pink' by Jason Mraz on the second one.

hopefully they keep it up...

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- Layla

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Sunday, February 25, 2007
Kuwaitis don't need any more excuses to party

I know its national day and liberation day and all that and maybe its just my PMS talking, but I really don't think we have any reason to celebrate. Let's exclude the fact that our region is in a depressing state of turmoil, the likes of which I have not seen in my 24 years of life, but on a more local scale... should we really be celebrating our country? Is our country so great that it deserves mass celebrations?

The government and National Assembly are in a constant tete-a-tete about a myriad of non-issues (read: canceling loans), the government has no idea how to spend our oil surplus and the country is basically run by a troupe of hypocrites.

I wrote about this a few years ago. Its like the government has no idea how to deal with the real issues plaguing its citizens (like, increasing traffic violations, rampant drug abuse, undisciplined youth, inadequate infrastructure.. etc. ) and so their solution is to sweep those issues under the rug and focus on stupid things like the aforementioned loans and whether or not letting Nancy Ajram have a concert here would lead to a free fall in Kuwaiti morality (because God forbid our values should decline...)

it makes me sick to see these idiot hanging out of their cars, spraying silly string on passing vehicles and generally acting like a bunch of two year olds when there's chaos in Iraq, nuclear possibilities between Iran and Bush, global warming, turmoil in Lebanon and basically a looming apocalypse... and all our citizens can think about is " Sharq or Marina Mall?", "Bahrain or Dubai?" ...

its sickening... it truly is. This world is gonna go to shit and we'll still be out shopping for the latest LV bag...

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Thursday, February 15, 2007
I feel we are experiencing the birth of a legend..

Mika is this incredible new artist that you really oughta know about... He is a Lebanese-born, London based artist who is absolutely the most original artist I have heard in a really long time. HE has a really high voice, which I usually don't like, but he uses it so well, and his lyrics are so catchy that you can't help but fall in love with him.

A lot of people have compared him to Freddy Mercury and Elton John circa-crocodile rock, but I think he sounds more like a cross between Scissor Sisters and Robbie Williams...

Anyway, here's his latest offering... and check out his album Life in Cartoon Motion.

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Friday, February 09, 2007
Brokeback Mutton

This >>>> Gay sheep and human destiny


THIS >>>>>> Lesbian brains differ from straight women's brains. Last year, a study showed that gay men, like straight women and unlike straight men, processed a male pheromone in a sex-related part of the brain (the hypothalamus) but processed a female pheromone in a scent-related part of the brain. Now the authors of that study report differences among women: 1) Lesbians, like straight men, prefer the female pheromone and find it less irritating than the male pheromone. 2) Straight women find the female pheromone more irritating. 3) Straight men and women process same-sex pheromones in the scent area but process opposite-sex pheromones in the hypothalamus. 4) Lesbians process pheromones of both sexes in the scent area. Interpretations: 1) Sexual orientation is biologically based, not a choice. 2) Sexual orientation is more biologically based in men than in women.


Homosexuality is biologically determined.

Looks like the Nature Vs. Nurture issue can be laid to rest... at least where this question is concerned.

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- Layla