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Sunday, February 25, 2007
Kuwaitis don't need any more excuses to party

I know its national day and liberation day and all that and maybe its just my PMS talking, but I really don't think we have any reason to celebrate. Let's exclude the fact that our region is in a depressing state of turmoil, the likes of which I have not seen in my 24 years of life, but on a more local scale... should we really be celebrating our country? Is our country so great that it deserves mass celebrations?

The government and National Assembly are in a constant tete-a-tete about a myriad of non-issues (read: canceling loans), the government has no idea how to spend our oil surplus and the country is basically run by a troupe of hypocrites.

I wrote about this a few years ago. Its like the government has no idea how to deal with the real issues plaguing its citizens (like, increasing traffic violations, rampant drug abuse, undisciplined youth, inadequate infrastructure.. etc. ) and so their solution is to sweep those issues under the rug and focus on stupid things like the aforementioned loans and whether or not letting Nancy Ajram have a concert here would lead to a free fall in Kuwaiti morality (because God forbid our values should decline...)

it makes me sick to see these idiot hanging out of their cars, spraying silly string on passing vehicles and generally acting like a bunch of two year olds when there's chaos in Iraq, nuclear possibilities between Iran and Bush, global warming, turmoil in Lebanon and basically a looming apocalypse... and all our citizens can think about is " Sharq or Marina Mall?", "Bahrain or Dubai?" ...

its sickening... it truly is. This world is gonna go to shit and we'll still be out shopping for the latest LV bag...

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i totally agree with u
hooligans in the street pisssssssssssssssssss me off!!

Tried to comment yesterday, guess it didn't take.

I totally agree with you :) I just wish the people who need to hear thoughts like what you expressed would listen, consider, and act, instead of just pushing them off and trying to come up with a quick fix to entertain and appease the general populus for a short length of time.

ya36eech el 3afya ;D

khosh post, i couldn't agree with u more..

While i agree with your sentiments completely, we have to think of the way that we've been brought up by Mother Kuwait.

We were taught that public schools are sub-par, that public hospitals were a disgrace, that there is no law in the land in most cases (driving, parking, foam-spraying, and the like).

We also given enough common sense to decide that staying in Kuwait during the celebration is simply not possible.

Wain bitroo7oon? Chalet? Baby chalet az7am min il deera at most cases. Bil bait? Staying at home from Wedesnday to Sunday is insanity.

And when you are fortunate enough to actually visit LV's flagship store and realize that you hate what it represents (15-year old posh Kuwaiti girls with no substance, the 9al7iya crowd, and co-workers who save up money for the new 'ell fee' key chain), you begin to realize that it all goes back to the fact that we Kuwaities feel, as our birthright, that we are special, above everyone else, and although poor, deserve only the best.

But then again, isn't Kuwaits' population made up of 60% of kids under 18?

Now THAT is what scares me.

Wei3, i rambled, sometimes off and on the subject.

Know that you have a lot of like-minded fellow citizens with you. Now all we have to do is take over :D

your a psycho. i like it.

why are there not more people like you?
who you know.. actually care about things that don't involve Marina, or any other mall, or the relationship they are in?

you really have an interesting perspective on things.

I just chanced upon your blog and loved reading it.

It's been one year since you last wrote. what happened? why aren't you writing anymore? It's a shame for Kuwait to lose a talented writer to write about her.
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