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Thursday, March 01, 2007
Evolution, Sex and American Idol

The new issue of New York Times Magazine boasts a cover piece that examines religion as a product of evolution. The piece works on the premise that since humans are adaptable creatures (with brains no less) then we created our idea of God because we needed an agent for the cause of our creation. This is similar to how we figured out that if a ball rolls across the floor then someone or something must have pushed it at some point thereby causing its motion. Its a reasonable way of looking at things and I'm sure it was probably the main catalyst that caused paganism, but I don't know what it means for religion as a whole... There's another piece that looks at the recent spate of college erotica, in which students riff on sexual themes and, sometimes, pose nude. What was once a career-ending decision is now routine for some students: ''A body is a body is a body, and I'm proud of my body, and why not show my body? It's not going to keep me from having a job," says the founder of one Boston University publication. This brings me to Antonella Barba, the chick from American Idol whose erotic pics have been popping up all over the net. Should she be voted off because she's not "pure"? I mean, should a girl who has posed nude and given oral sex on camera be an American Idol (emphasis on Idol)?

Pubic-chinned Head broke down on screen this week because his baby started smiling and he missed it... What I wanna know is how is it possible that Hobbit Head's wife is shorter than him?!?! ... Is she an elf?

I usually don't find the chicks on American Idol very appealing... they tend to bore me, but that may stem from the fact that I don't like female singers in general (and when I do like females, its the lower toned ones i.e. Annie Lennox, Tracy Chapmen etc.)... I'm usually more into the guys and this season is no different. Two of the guys especially have been impressing me with their song choices... I go all Randy Jackson every week and moan about contestant song choices... but these two, Blake Lewis and Chris Richardson, have been making really good song choices so far...

Blake Lewis sang 'Somewhere only we know' by Keane on the first studio show and 'Virtual Insanity' by Jamiroquoi on the second.

Chris Richardson scored even higher on my list of song choices by going with 'I don't wanna be' by Gavin DeGraw on the first show and 'Geek in the Pink' by Jason Mraz on the second one.

hopefully they keep it up...

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- Layla

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