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Friday, February 09, 2007
Brokeback Mutton

This >>>> Gay sheep and human destiny


THIS >>>>>> Lesbian brains differ from straight women's brains. Last year, a study showed that gay men, like straight women and unlike straight men, processed a male pheromone in a sex-related part of the brain (the hypothalamus) but processed a female pheromone in a scent-related part of the brain. Now the authors of that study report differences among women: 1) Lesbians, like straight men, prefer the female pheromone and find it less irritating than the male pheromone. 2) Straight women find the female pheromone more irritating. 3) Straight men and women process same-sex pheromones in the scent area but process opposite-sex pheromones in the hypothalamus. 4) Lesbians process pheromones of both sexes in the scent area. Interpretations: 1) Sexual orientation is biologically based, not a choice. 2) Sexual orientation is more biologically based in men than in women.


Homosexuality is biologically determined.

Looks like the Nature Vs. Nurture issue can be laid to rest... at least where this question is concerned.

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- Layla


WTF? what was that all about?

I'm at work and reading that article just makes me want to crack up, i stopped reading.. honestly that's funny shit.

its a study, a theory not a fact. so i guess nature vs nurture will still be up n running

very interesting study.

saddly i think that the nature vs nurture debate will keep on keeping on until people stop giving a shit who puts what into which/ who's holes, like the fate of the world rests on it.

as you can see from the comments so far :D

I'm not one to say that something has been put to rest. I'm pretty argumentative by nature and I love debates... but this is pretty conclusive evidence that supports the nature argument for sexuality.

... Unless someone wants to argue that the doctors involved in the study queer eye for a straight guy'd the sheeps' pen....

I also find it hard to imagine a supreme being who is terribly concerned with who sticks what in where when consenting adults are involved. You'd think he/she would have more important things to worry about considering humanity's amazingly creative and energetic efforts at committing atrocities in all possible permutations. The downside of stuff like this, is that it will encourage efforts to "cure" people via medical means. Gay liposuction as it were, sigh.
In any event I took one of your comments on my blog to heart and am adding more links to positive and uplifting stories, no reason I need to be 100% depressing every post.
Thanks and BB ---Doug

I just came across your blog, just wanted to say interesting posts and and thoughts, and deeper topics discussed than most q8t blogs. Nice one!
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