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Thursday, October 27, 2005
Youth is wasted on the young...

I was thinking about that old adage a few days ago... about how youth really is wasted on the young... Come on, think about it... All the things worth doing in life are catered to the young. Love, partying, staying out all night, passion.. all of it is specifically designed for the young and yet most of us are too tied down by societal laws, overbearing fathers and strict curfews to be able to fully exploit it.

Sure, plenty of us get around these things and find ways to enjoy ourselves regardless, but I, personally, always feel a little twinge of regret when I'm doing something I know my parents wouldn't approve of. Maybe it's the way I was brought up, maybe it's an over active conscience.. whatever it is, it keeps me from fully enjoying my youth.. and that sucks! I should be able to be reckless and live my life free and clear of all sense of responsibility ...

People expect us to grow up so fast these days... adults are so quick to shove limits and boundaries down our throats, it's a wonder any of us are creative at all.. I know my parents were always trying to protect me from things... but it has bred within me this sense that I always have to be on top of and in control of every situation I find myself in.. Like if things get out of hand, it'll have this ripple effect and the whole world will come to a screeching halt because of whatever it is that I neglected to account for.

By the time you're old enough to enjoy all those things, without feeling like you're going out of bounds when you do it, you are just that.. Too old! and whatever it is that you always wanted, but were never allowed, to do has lost it's flavor.. because most of those things, like clubbing and partying and reckless relationships and the like, are only really worth doing when it feels forbidden.. that's kinda where they derive their juiciness (so to speak.. )

So... madry... I don't really know where I'm going with any of this. There is no point at all to what I'm talking about! I'm just kinda floating things up into this wonderful, ambiguous abyss we call the net... I think I'm blogstapated...

Comments or literary directions of any kind are more than welcome...

COmE aNd HaVe a GO If YoU ThInK YoU ArE HarD EnOUgh...



I feel the same way. So many things I wish I could do but my conscience gets the better of me everytime.
I say conscience DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!

Don't you hate that feeling of guilt, when your 50/50, you can go any way and you just chicken out in the end?

Your supposed to feel triumph at these times, why do I always feel pathetic and that I am missing out on the better of two worlds?

I admit I envy those that do not have such scruples.

I totally agree. I'd also like to add that by the time you make enough money to travel the world and spend it on whatever you wish you'd be too old to enjoy it.


I feel the same way delicately... those moments should be triumphant and yet you end feeling like ur choosing to live ur life on the sidelines....

Good point, M!

Hehehe you are yourself. I was raised in a way that is quite at a tangent to alot of the things i took comfort in doing as a youth and even now as an adult.

I think its a perspective, a paradigm issue. For someone ppl they can change it and overcome any pre-instilled rules and codes, for others they cant, dont or wont.

The trick is to realise you are in control, and not to be scared of yourself.

Life is too short :) i aint killing anyone

I always had a very different interpretation of that old adage!

The way I see it is: Youth is wasted on the Young precisely because they pour their energy into useless and often self-destructive pursuits like binge-drinking and flitting in and out of energy-sucking relationships that lead to nothing at best and heart-ache and STD's at worst.

However, when a person grows up and becomes responsible and cares about things like making the world a better place, he/she doesn't have the energy and drive that a young person does, or else simply doesn't have the '3umur' it takes to undertake worthy projects and see them out to fruition...

So people, trust me, your youth is definately not being wasted if all you're missing out on is a drink or a date or two :P
It is wasted however if you don't do something positive with it.

Just my opinion ;)

Gigi, differently

thats a nice spin on the adage.... i would have to agree with gigi... :)

That is a nice spin on it, gigi... You make a very good point... :)

Just yesterday I was having a chat about this same topic. I totally agree with gigi. Whether in q8, or elsewhere, I find that youngsters apply so much of their vitality into unproductive acts rather than directing it towards something more useful. They get so caught up in partying, gizzing, getting wasted and they tend to forget the more important things in life.

But I also agree with Krispy in a sense that I do believe that youngsters should not spend their life playing it safe and living by the rules; otherwise they’ll spend their whole lives regretting not doing all those crazy things. Moreover, if they didn’t get it out of their system when they’re young they’ll end up doing it when they’re older – having what we call a “mid-life crisis”!!
Yet there is no reason not to have fun so long as we can control our behavior and not do everything on impulse. We should be aware of our actions and think of consequences at least once in a while.

At the same time, society imposes so many restrictions on us, butchering our chances for freedom. “People expect us to grow up so fast these days”- I couldn’t agree with u more!! Nowadays, kids and teenagers as young as 8 years old have started to smoke, drink, apply make-up and even sneak out at night. They're missing out on soOoo much and will end up realizing later that they never really had that transition between a child and an adult.

Furthermore, I hate the fact that we are pressured into marriage at such a young age we don’t have enough time to enjoy our youth. This sux!!

You also make an excellent point, A... I mean I thought we grew up fast, but these kids today with their cell phones and make-up and boyfriends and girlfriends.. they don;t get to enjoy the innocence of childhood..

When I said that youth was wasted on the young.... ok, my cursor is floating across the screen for no reason.... that is creepy.... :s what was I saying?? Oh, yeah when I said that about youth, I didn't mean that we should eliminate all sense of responsibility and not care about anything... bil 3aks.. young people can live productive, non-wasteful lives and still be reckless and carefree.. i don't think it's an either/or type of thing... I was just saying that .. you don't appreciate the freedom and opportunity filled days of your youth till they're gone..
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