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I am a half kuwaiti/half american girl living in Kuwait. I am perpetually suspended in the granite hollow that fills the space between two worlds... Not quite who I am, not quite who I want to be... Cat-lover, poet, music-nut. I currently hold a PHD in both BS and Smartass. In short, I pitch my tent in the median of life..


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Monday, May 01, 2006

Is 99.7 trying to bring Aaliyah back to life? I mean, no offense to Aaliyah fans out there, I think she's cool. But do they have to play "are you that somebody?" everyday like its some sort of ceremonial chant designed to ressurect her... There are other songs out there, you know?


Does anyone else think that the fact that Google's colors are the same as Microsoft Windows is not a fluke? Is there a reason for it?


There's a chesire out tonight.... I have a free cup of coffee for whoever can figure out what that means..


Now Playing: Don't need no doctor By: John Mayer

I say it again... when you can play the sh*t out of a guitar, no one cares what your voice sounds like...



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Chesire-- alice in wonderland?
but isn't that cheshire..

Hey does anyone wonder if the hubbly in that movie is hashed up?.. everything's a little too psychedelic to be normal.

never was a fan of Aliyah...for some reason, i never saw real clear pictures of her face... it always seems (to me at least) that she hides her face in her pics...

dont know what chesire is... let me know when you find out hehe ;)

Hey besides Aaliyah, seems they being payin a tribute to TLC too, (Left Eye Lisa that would be) The 2nd time I heard Waterfalls on the radio....

I like I miss you By Aaliyah...

Aaliya ain't too bad, I mean maybe we should be thankful they're not playing 'Give It To Me' by Rick James (B***H!!) all the time.. Wait that song's pretty catchy :P Chesire is probably one of your attempts at copying me & creating new words; looks like a failure to me! Something along the lines of VocabuLICKular! :P O shegaiteena eb hatha JM, yoba deriana you worship him! :P

7> behave yourself or I'll repost ur first comment! 3abalik I don't have it?! :P

VocabuLICKular is not half as bad as some of the crap u come up with! :P ... oh and speaking of licking, Mmmhmmmmm!

JM is king.. so's the other JM... they both rock! its beauty, 7.. something that obviously flies over ur head :P

jitterbug> yeah, 99.7 seems hard into the late 90's stuff... bes moo lay ha daraja ya3ny....

daydreamer> she was kinda shady... but she was also very hot!

leen> hmmm it is cheshire... (excuse me typo :D) and ur close but not quite there...

About Aaliyah and 99.7... Maybe they don't have enough money to buy new songs ;)

But the big Q is... R u listening to that station for real? I mean Marina Fm is getting better english songs than 99.7

Another looooossseeeeeeeeer ;p

Chesire moon? Along with the "Alice in Wonderland" Cheshire cat...So, a moon that looks like the cat's grin is out tonight?
That's as far as I can get!

And I gave up on radio a long time ago. The only time I listened to 99.7 FM this Xmas was when DJ Maha was on; she's fabulous.

And about the Google vs. Microsoft colors...Well, I suppose that they work with primary colors that are eye-catching yet simple and easy to remember.

ummm its either a grin shaped moon or an orange moon or something of a combination.

and if i'm wrong i'll "go ask Alice, when shes ten feet tall" :P

Well, Erzulie got to it first :) Alice in Wonderland is a great classic. I remember imagining the cat dissapearing and then just seeing the smile remain...

99.7 is still better than Marina 88.8. Every time an Arabic song comes on, I have to switch it off. The terrible thing about Arabic "pop" music is that it ALL has the SAME BEAT!!...You know the one I am talking about..It goes:

doom, doom, da-da-da, doom da-da-da!

Where is the creativity?

zizo> :P

Erzulie> Ding Ding Ding!! You have the right answer, my dear! too bad you're not in a vicinity where you would be able to claim ur prize! :P

tell u what? next time ur in town, hit me up with an email and we'll do coffee! :D

skunk> Erzulie got it first :P

Caff> alice in wonderland is cool.. a little creepy but cool ..

88.8 is pure sewage! so i agree 99.7 is the lesser of two evils! :D

arghh bugger she beat me by 4 hrs!

I gate to admit the fact that 99.7 is my favorite radio station out there .... The others just suck .... Soon i will be hooking the Ipod to the Car Stereo so that wont be a problem ... besides, Linda sucks, but i kind of got used to her after 7 years :s she is like kuwaiti morning traditions ..

And Alice in Wonderland .. the memories, i loved that book ..

Google Vs Microsoft ... agree with all who said it's just because they\re eye catching.

technically the peoples money is being spent on salaries for our current radio disc jokeys on 99.7

I say we protest and ask our ministers to fire them all and use automated voice... it would be cheaper and make you cringe less

skunk> better luck next time :)

fractal00> i haven't gotten used to her.. i still think she's annoying as hell!

microsoft vs. google... i still think there's something there..

entre> always thinking of the costs... shaklik ur not kidding about the C.R.E.A.M. thing ;)
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