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I am a half kuwaiti/half american girl living in Kuwait. I am perpetually suspended in the granite hollow that fills the space between two worlds... Not quite who I am, not quite who I want to be... Cat-lover, poet, music-nut. I currently hold a PHD in both BS and Smartass. In short, I pitch my tent in the median of life..


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Saturday, May 06, 2006
The penultimate....

The landscape is bleak, time is the ultimate tease...
you can trace the minutes with soft fingertips, outline the hours with silver tongues
and/or flaming lips...
But you can't catch it
you can try..
Lord knows you can try..
it remains elusive, flashing a bit of leg here
some cleavage there...
Then, reversing back into the shadows, a lengthy silhouette..
unbroken by promises, never extended, never shortened..
uncaring & unsympathetic

................. She is the ultimate whore.................


I am obsessed, which is funny 'cos I never thought of myself as having obsessive tendencies.... hmm... I'm trying to think back a bit.. to the days of first crushes and eye-openers... nope, never been obsessive and yet, I find myself with one theme running circles in my head. My thoughts have been connected by the same fever... Time. Well, add time to my earlier comments on space and you have the parameters that define the circles in my head.

Time & Space... put them together and you get a continuum... that's what the physicists will tell you. I keep trying to get my head around the concept of time. Its too far away, too unattainable. Too strange a concept. How can you attempt to measure time when one moment can expand to include everything? Babies being born, people dying, flowers blooming, sand storms gathering momentum, tsunamis in contemplation, volcanoes stewing over possibilities of annihalation... Its such a strange concept. That all these things could happen in the amount of time it takes to draw in a breath. The idea that by the time you exhale, any time you exhale, your life could, concievably, end... or begin for that matter.

As for space, a person, like me, who has no hopes of ever capturing the essence of time can not be arrogant enough to broach the topic of space. So, I'll defer to someone much smarter than myself:

"Man lives in a double world; according to the mind, he is contained by no physical space and by no walls, but at the same time he is in heaven and on earth, in Italy, in France, in America, wherever the minds' thrust penetrates and extends by understanding, seeking, mastering. But indeed, according to the body, he exists not except in only so much space as is least required, held fast in a prison and in chains to the extent that he is not able to be in or to go to the place attained by his intellect and will, nor to occupy more space than defined by the shape of his body; while with the mind he occupies a thousand worlds."

-Tommaso Campanello, metafisica

Read, people.. I'm beginning to think its the only worthwhile endeavor..


Now Playing: Come Together By: Aerosmith

The lyrics were ahead of their time, even for the Beatles who were very much a product of their time... Eternally relevent...



well since time is an invention of man it technically does not exist in the natural world.
what we regard as time is purely our attempt at measureing the duration of an event;one rotation of the earth/moon/sun/galaxy/universe (if it rotates).
by defining what time is, by default we assumethat it is linear, which is silly because technically from its definition it should be anything but linear.
time is relative, but linear when measuring particular events such as those you mentioned.
events are linear but can happen simultaneously since different events occur in different spaces. the effects of those events however are relative even for two people caught in the same event :P

as for space, that quote seems to deal more with mortality than actual physical space. or atleast thats my take on it:P
while possibilities are endless when they are entertained in your mind, your physical surroundings/circumstances/body restricts what you can and cant do. so while its a reminder of the limits of our mortality as defined by our physical constraints, surely its the mental constraints that restrict us from being whereever the minds thrust penetrates and extends, whether its a physical place, a spiritual place or a place in your life.
i'd be interested to read what he writes after that paragraph, cos surely campanello has a point to his observation rather than just documenting his observation.

i'm not sure about the context of that quote, but i think its akin to " the day you stop dreaming is the day you start to die"

there is nothing more worthwhile than expanding your knowledge; read, talk to old people, talk to kids :P, talk to your maid, shawarma dude, milkman,.... theres always something new to learn :D

and i think youve given me a headache now :P

Time is really an important thing 4 all of us... Not only about those things u mentioned, but also about getting the salary each month, sleeping, wake up at a specific time etc.

Simply we can hate a moment and in the same day we enjoy anotehr one... Nothing in our hand so enjoy your time as much as u can :)

I hate time!

It either goes to fast or too slow.

Hate it hate it hate it!

By the way: I'm back.
O tara I have been silently reading :) so I hope I didnt miss much.

ur obviously a fan of so many .. could u tel me of whom , the lyrics impress u more?

time and space.. brings to ask, did u read , the book:history of nearly every thing ?

i don't understand ur first question.. could u clarify please?


as for the second, I've heard of that book.. haven't read it yet... the whole idea of Time & Space started troubling me after i read Keeper of Genesis by Graham Hancock (an excellent book! highly recommended!)
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