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I am a half kuwaiti/half american girl living in Kuwait. I am perpetually suspended in the granite hollow that fills the space between two worlds... Not quite who I am, not quite who I want to be... Cat-lover, poet, music-nut. I currently hold a PHD in both BS and Smartass. In short, I pitch my tent in the median of life..


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Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Weird sh*t people do in Starbucks....

I'm sitting in a pretty nice, upscale Starbucks on Park Avenue and yet, this Starbucks seems to be the nap place de jour... So far, I have spotted four nappers (Weird sh*t people do in Starbucks #1) in this Starbucks.... Do they let hobos hang out in Starbucks now?? I mean, I know Starbucks kinda boasts a laid-back vibe, but this is a little much.....

Weird sh*t people do in Starbucks #2:

Knitting?? .... Really?? .... Ok.

Weird sh*t people do in Starbucks #3:

Try to cram four or five people onto one of those tiny-a** fabric chairs! If there's no place to fit your entire party, either stand up and wait for a table to empty up or get your a**es to another Starbucks! There's one on every corner people!


Ok... another person just zonked off.... I feel like knocking my chair over and waking up everyone around me.... just 'cos I'm in a bit of a mean mood... besides, they probably deserve it....


I swear, this place is starting to resemble an immigration office... I didn't realize there were so little Americans (Real Red, White and Blue blooded Americans)in New York City...


Weird sh*t people do in Starbucks #4:

Pick their noses.... There are people around! I know that you're real comfy in your plushy chair with your low-fat-no-whip-double-espresso-caramel-machiato, but you are in a public place and people can see you!


Word of the day:

Grooooooooovy! ;)


Check out this link! So full of Christmas Spirit, I don't know what to do with myself!! This link comes courtesy of Unknown Entity ! U Da Bomb!

Neurotically yours,
Krispy Dixie


Why don't you show me the little bit of spine
You've been saving for his mattress, love...



I loved this post so much, but I just can't find the words to describe it.. Oh wait a sec, I got it! Grrrooovee-EEE ^^ ;)

Ha Ha, that cracked me up. You should do the kuwaiti version when you get back :P

Loooooool! If it were me I would have put my feet up and dozed off myself! Hehehehe....
But if I was in a really mean mood, I would have gone to Mr-Nose-Picker and handed him a tissue :P

wv: hawddozd (?!?!?!?!?! Do u c it? OR is it just me?)

7tenths> yal bawaaaaaag!! first u steal my "li7say i zooliya' phrase and now u steal my new spelling of the word!!?? :O for shame!

you know what bugaloo?? scratch that! wut's mine is urs! ;)

Miyafushi> thanx hun! I would do that but people in kuwait are soooo self-conscious.... :/

DR> Mr. V.WV is snooping in 3ala sowaalifna! I swear that must be a guy who's reading the blog and inserting WV's accordingly! :O

u would have handed him a tissue?? I like ur style girl! ;)

What I lack in originality I make up for with finesse ;) Stop hatin' & start participatin'! :P & ya intay with the generosity! Khalas, I give you Kung Pow! :)


I am paritcipatin', hence me telling u that what is mine is urs!! :P

give me Kung Pow, you will.... return to you, I might ;)

Krispy: lol..ya3ny I didn't miss nething in Starbux ams..Watching people nap, knit and pick their noses is not my idea of fun, zein ina re7t el gym oo saweyt shey mofeed!

B3deyn 7enno's bawg 7ag ur phrases, is a good thing-u should be flattered!

ishqa9dich ya3ny?? u trying to say inna ana maa sawayt shay mufeed ems!?? 9ij ma tisti7een! C.C. rajaa'an roo7ay li7say il zooliya!! :P

feeny i'nom! :(

7eveno can have all the phrases/words he wants! 7alalik yumma! 7alalik ;)

kela zaafatny Krispyo...ee..hatha kan qa9dy zein!!:P
Working out at the gym is way more productive than sitting on a chair sipping coffee and watching people nap...

Oo be3deyn entey shnoo ya nayma ya ga3da oo 6al3een enas eynamoon? :PP
Basich nowm 7beebty-u don't need ne more beauty sleep!!

FYI FB, sitting in a coffeehouse watching people nap is good for my creative forces.. not to mention my sanity! :P

Okay, both of you: LI7SAW IL ZOOLIYAA!! ;) Sorry, just had to get that out of my system ;P Anyway FB you keep blayin' chest 'tis a healthy habit ;) & like I told ya Krispy you don't need any beauty sleep if ya catch ma drift ^^ :P & malech shighil bel homeless! Misakeen! Mo nagi9hom blogger tit6anaz 3laihum! :P

LOOOOOOOOL,aham shai el "Knitting"

OMGawd! I feel like I've had a celebrity encounter! :D I got name-dropped by THE Krispy Dixie. I might be hyperventilating right now...

I really loved the whole post, of course, but it was totally eclipsed (for me at least, cause, ya know, it's all-about-me-all-the-thime) by your shout-out. Mmmmooooowwwwaaa!

Love that you loved it as much as I loved it... I'm still playing it over and over and over and over

7eveno> inta ishfeek bi thab6!!?? 7ata il hobos itdafi3 3anhom?!?! :P and thanx hun, but I really love my sleep! beauty inducing or not! :P

blasha> I know!! the knitting part threw me as well!! :P

UE> hehehehehehe ya celebrity ya intay!! bes come on! I had to give u all the credit for that beautiful find!! I've watched it like a million times so far!! the whole website is cool by the way!

Nobody they have, the hobos how poor they are, not only money they have not, but ti6eniz there is! :P

wv: lsgstd - Hey, it's that new REM song 'Losing My STD' ;)

hahahahahaha nice one 7! ;)

losing my STD? I think you're losing ur marbles! :P

wv: chlkt (Damn it! If only the "l" and "k" were reversed!)

Yes, people have Crochet/Knitting Groups and we meet up, have coffee, tea, etc. and work with our yarn!
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