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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Women, Chocolate, Shampoo.... and Orgasms evidently....

What's the deal with the adverts that depict women experiencing the Big 'O as they devour a piece of milk chocolate or go about washing their hair??

Even the arab satellite channels show women indulging (quite erotically) in a certain 'galaxy' of chocolaty goodness... It borders on pornographic..

Chocolate is associated with sex, so I'm inclined to let that one slide. However, the shampoo + water + you (alone!)in the shower = Orgasm! is pushing it a little in my book... I mean seriously, who is this ad targeting? Are women supposed to be buying this shampoo or men?

If a woman can go around and have sex (sans shampoo) then it would seem silly for her to settle for one of the ' rinse, lather, repeat ' variety. And if she can't go around having sex and must settle for this kind of "O" .. well then... that's just sad....

You're so hypnotic on my heart...



chocolate and sex?? mmm...definitely no question about that! As for the shampoo ad, maybe they're not selling the contents, but the bottle itself ;)

Yeah, I've noticed it too. It's even worse here in the US (the advert for Overstock.com comes to mind). I guess selling sex to guys isn't enough anymore. It's sad that Herbal Essence actually had to sink to those levels in its marketing campaign - their product is good enough to speak for itself.

Good point Mc! I love herbal essence and I was not encouraged to buy it b/c of it's adverts! It is kinda sad that they had to sink that low ...

Fireberry> i7saby ma3ach ba3dayn! :P

Why does everyone like Herbal Essence but me? It makes my hair dull. And I hate the Oooh Ahh advert. Its getting old! Best shampoo in the world: Johnson & Johnson No More Tears.

Hehe, McArabian. "It's all about the "O"

I loved those commercials. Herbal essence shampoo was horribly worse though.

I think there's some kind of connection between chocolate ,Shampoo & female orgasm ,but it's sort of irrelevant connection ,let me explain more ,some women get somewhat...err...excited when someone is doing their hair like a male hair dresser ,I recall a famous scene in Johnny Depp's movie(edward scissor hands) when he was cutting and redoing a woman's her and she had a very exhilirating orgasm while he is doing that although he only touched his her not her body ,the other chocolate ad has also a connecction ,if you the women's face in the ad and compare it with some femals faces at the moment of orgasm you will find some similarity here ,the same closed or semi closed eyes ,lips movements..etc.

I hope that the above words is not inconvenient in any sort of way ,I was just trying to make an explaination from a male viewpoint.

what if they made a chocolate tasting shampoo named Orgasmic that targets women and is in custom shaped bottle :P

Thnx for the insight nightlegend! :D Not inappropriate at all! We're a pretty open minded lot around here! :D

Entre'> Where the hell do u come up with these ideas?? altho.. saying that... it might sell ;)
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