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Sunday, November 06, 2005
Question of the day....

Why do we say "I saw a pregnant woman"? The word 'pregnant', as per it's original definition, is perhaps the most gender specific word in the english language. Why not say something like...

Her: "I saw a pregnant at the grocery store today... reminded me I need to get a watermelon..."

Weird I know, but not any weirder than Kaleidoscope! Seriously, who's the genius who thought that word up!?

What do you say, guys!? Shall we start a generation that refers to pregnant women as "Pregnants"?? I think we can make it work!

WhAtEvEr, FirEBerRy!!


or preggers! lol sounds crude

The origin of the word kaleidoscope speaks to the splendid images they make for us. Kaleidoscope finds its roots in the Greek word kalos meaning "beautiful", the Indo-european eidos that means "form", and scope that is Greek for "to see".

more info here

hehehehe preggers does not sound crude!! :P

Also... not much going on at work is there, entre'? :P
I'm teasin' ya! thnx for the origin.. I love etymology! :D

its function is determined by its syntactic category which basically means its an adjective that is not restricted to a context where preceded by the class noun human namely woman.. elzebda no u cant make it work

thanx for the input temetwir.. it was just a thought :P
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