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Sunday, November 13, 2005
Possible titles for this post: Better to Talk than to Stalk... Waterloo and the Shiny Gold Coin.... My Mother Belongs in an Insane Asylum....

I got home the other night and my mom cornered me in my room saying she wanted to go out so I said sure, where do you wanna go? So she tells me we should go to the Co-Op and sit at Starbucks. I, in my surprisingly trusting state, say "sure let's go."
So, we head to the Co-Op and sit in Starbucks when suddenly.....

Note: Names, events and places have been changed to protect both the psychotic and disowned.

So, this complete stranger walks up to our table and goes... "Hi, are you Mary?" to my mom, to which she replies...

My, formally cool, but currently disowned mom: "Yes, are you Mish3al?"
Former stranger, now identified as Mish3al: "Yes"
Mom: "Hi, this is my daughter Summer."

Mish3al shakes hands with the both of us... all the while smiling in a somewhat creepy fashion... It is at this point that my gut reaction starts working overtime, informing me that it would be wise for me to get the hell out of there.

Mom: "Please, sit down."
Strange man sits...

* Red Lights and sirens go off *

This guys' butt wasn't even fully in the seat before...

Mom: "I need to get something from the Co-Op... I'll be right back."


Yes, my mom abandoned me at Starbucks with this strange person! She was out of there before I could even get a word out! And here I am, in a hottie-filled Starbucks, sitting with this strange, slightly demonic looking, person! So, this guy and I sit there looking at each other for what seems like an eternity.. I am totally wigging out and this guy is just smiling at me as if this were the most normal encounter in the world!

Him, whose name I can not bring myself to type (mainly b/c the name I made up is too damn annoying to type :P) : "You have no idea what's going on do you?"
Me: "No... What is going on?"
Him: "Well, my mom knows someone who knows someone who knows someone (This is all true, people... you can't make this stuff up.) who knows your mom. And they thought that we would get along and so I asked if I could meet you."

It is at this point that I know fully and completely, with the kind of conviction that stems from your very core, that we would most definately not get along.

Chemistry... real chemistry is the kind of thing you can't plan for. It is something that hits you hard in your gut when you first meet someone. It is that little voice in your head that says "Ahh... this person would be nice to know..." rather than "Where is the nearest exit?"... It is a feeling quite unlike any other.. A feeling which can not be summoned, duplicated or ignored.

I can't remember much of the rest of the conversation... suffice to say it wasn't scintillating stuff... It wasn't really his fault. I could tell he was trying (failing miserably), but trying nonetheless.. When it's not right, you just know.

Although there are ways to make matters worse... Illustrations of which shall follow in subsequent posts....


The Only Thing Between Me and You is an Unavoidable Margin of Individual Judgment.



Oh Nohs!!!!!! As soon as I read "This is my daughter Summer" I was like... "uh-oh." Sounds like the start of an arranged marriage, or am I just reading way too far into it? Sorry you got stuck uncomfortably with demon boy. :( I hope whatever you got at Starbucks was good at least, drink wise.

I have never liked being "set-up" whether it was from family or friends. You can very, very, very rarely handpick someone that will just click with someone else, and if it happens that was it is usually coincidence in my opinion.

Hopefully the problem will go away. I hope it does.

Ay shey! Mo 3ajbich ba3ad?? I'd give anything for my mom to hook me up with someone! :P

William> A set up which they hoped would ultimately lead to a marriage was exactly what everyone in this scenario (Ex: me) had in mind! And, I drank water hoping to speed things along :P

7tenths> You say that now, but when u get set up with a freak u'll be changing ur tune, my friend! :P

Maskeen - Give him a little credit, at least he was honest and direct about things :)

If my mom ever does something like this to me, I'd seriously break something. >_<

like summer from the oc?

nesaity aham shay tara, so whatd ur mom get from the co-op when she came back?

If I hadn't heard the full story from u, I'd think he was ok-doesn't seem all that bad. I'm sorry u had to be set-up with a freak tho :( I hate set-ups coz they just never work out!! It would take a while 4me to trust my mother again and 4give her....But I'm sure she had good intentions at heart :)

mcarabian> wait for the subsequent posts .. u'll be changing ur mind about HIM being meskeen :P

3baid> You and me both.. my mom got a serious talking to after this incident :D

temetwir> I didn't see that episode. My mom actually picked up some stuff at the co-op! she damn well better had! she left me stranded there for an hour!

Fireberry> Should I put the rest of the story?? I think people will be appalled! :P I know she had good intentions! I'm just glad we're leaving on wednesday so I don't have to put up with any more set ups! :D

Yes I want the rest Krispy Kommando!! This is simply not enough! I want to know why hes a freak.

hehehehehe u shall see, my friend... you shall see! :D
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