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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
I am Woman.... Hear me Roar!

Hi... My name is Shakira. I love being splayed out on everything from table-tops to counter tops to floors. My favorite things include contorting my belly in snake-like movements for the pleasure of my male fans as well as for the disdain of my female fans.. I love to be covered in crap... literally.. Didn't you see my 'whenever,whatever' video? To the naked eye, it would appear that I was covered in mud, when in fact it was crap!

For my new video I'm going all out though! I, Shakira, am raising the bar that all other female stars will forever shy away from... I will be covered from head to toe in oil... not baby oil... not sex oil.... but actual oil... you know? the kind you find on oil rigs and stuff... Eat that J-Lo!!

La Tortura,

Ok, this is a momentous event... I am about to post my first ever blog question to you, my fellow blggers!!

Shakira covered in oil (the industrial kind)... Sexy.. or just plain creepy??

Keep It Krispy, folks!



Would I be considered a pervert if I said sexy?

What I would do to dance like her.

If I was there: Ew smelly!

If I was at home watching from my TV set: definetly sexy.

7tenths > let's wait and see what the general consensus is and then I'll tell you if ur a perv or not! how about that? :P

DR> You and me both, sista! and I agree... she's like a Monet.. nice from far away, but a little icky up close and personal! :D

sexy i would say

to look at, from afar...

nothing more than that though... otherwise it gets dirty... (and not in the good sense) lol

I love the moves, but the oil part? let me just say that I feel disgusted and that I have oil all over me then run to wash up hehe, nice post babe =}

Entre'> industrial oil in the bedroom? fantasy? No :P

Sponta > hehe I would feel somewhat disgusted as well :D thanx, hun ;)

Hell ya her moves are dead sexy- I think everyone who doesn't wan to dance like her would probably want to do her!! She's so flexible and has amazing moves, I'd have to agree tho that baby oil sounds a lot hotter. Guess she wanted to compete with Christina Aguilera's 'dirrty' video!!

yeah today that's what it's all about, the dirtier the more succesful the video clip is to be, mako sense of art or even music related.

Fireberry> who said anything about baby oil being hotter?? I think you're projecting darling! ;) Not that I mind, of course :P

Sponta> I agree with you... they are just trying to out-do each other... I wonder what the next step will be! :s


when that video is off i cant take my eyes off.. imagine the guys!

but i agree with DR... if i am at home its definitely sexy but not if i was next to her...

hmmm sexy from far.. nasty close up seems to be the general consensus here...
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