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I am a half kuwaiti/half american girl living in Kuwait. I am perpetually suspended in the granite hollow that fills the space between two worlds... Not quite who I am, not quite who I want to be... Cat-lover, poet, music-nut. I currently hold a PHD in both BS and Smartass. In short, I pitch my tent in the median of life..


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Thursday, November 03, 2005
3eedy mbarak? Yeah, whatever...

I came to a quiet and yet, somehow, revolutionary revelation (wordplay anyone?) this morning. I am not a 3eed person... That's right. The three or four day holiday which celebrates the end of one month of torture... I mean, religious awareness... just does not sway me one bit.. I have a sneaking feeling that this general abhorrance to this holiday has roots that stretch far into my childhood. Perhaps this feeling has been quietly filed away in my subconscious, sharing the domain with my fear of harees and my Anjelina complex... Allow me to illustrate:

1. I stopped buying new "Eid" clothes when I was eight.
2. I have not now, nor have I ever, reserved a special outfit for "Eid", refusing to wear it until Eid when I would parade around the malls in my new duds. (As if people know that they're new!)
3. By the age of thirteen, I was actually begging my male relatives not to give me any money. I found that to be so humiliating and, somehow, offensive.
4. The best Eid of my life was the Eid after I got my job. (See illustration #3 for reason.)
5. Celebrating Eid, for me, is about taking my first morning trip to Starbucks in a month, walking in and accepting a coffee that was made for me in under three minutes. Now that's love.
6. The only good thing about the first day of Eid this year was me sitting at my PC, typing out this post with my cat curled up in my lap purring.

So, folks, that's my Eid in a nutshell. For all of you that truly enjoy this time of the year, I extend my congratulations and felicitations on this holy holiday! O 3asakom it3oodoona inshalla :)

'Every hottie is someone else's dork'



Not to downplay your post, it was good for sure... but your little quote at the end? I love that!!

Except, being an extreme dork, I'm gonna reverse it. My new motto shall be
*Every dork is someone else's hottie!*

As for #6 ... damn right. I think I am going to have another one right now.

Unknown entity> Hey.. whatever makes you sleep a little easier at night, buddy! :P Just teasin' ya!

the kuwaiti> Let's hear it for morning coffee.. hip hip hurray! :D

I usually 'enjoy' 3id, don't love it, but its fun. Oh and I love getting money, extra cash never did anyone any harm. :) That's my motto. But, this 3id is crappiest yet. I must do something about it.

DR> That seems to be the genral consensus among the bloggers! Hope the rest of the week goes a little better for ya hun! :)

1&2)Although I stopped buying new clothes for 3eid a while back (for the wrong reasons: lazy and.. just lazy!) I used to try and abuse that "law" to get free clothes! Problem is, with all the added stress of a deadline I'd end up getting something hideous & never wear it again :(

3)I never really saw collecting money from relatives as something embarassing, but I never did have the guts to go and tell my aunt she forget to give me (& only me!) my 3eidiya (that happens every time!) - now that's humiliating!

4)Can't relate to that yet :P

5)Mmmmmm.. Hazelnut Latte :)

6)Well if it helps it's made my day brighter :) plus, I can finally walk around in my old faded clothes with pride, knowing I'm not alone!

Have a great Eid! :)

thanx 7tenths! u too! :D

A diiferent approach to eid ,nice.
it's not necessary for us to enjoy all the things that other people enjoy rgardless of it's religious or political resembelance ,I myself doesn't enjoy Ramadan so much ,strangely when I try to express that to family members they start by saying(7aram) and many things like that ,actually I don't care .Ramadan and especialy the latest one was a bad month for me.

thnx night legend.. I appreciate ur support! Let's boycott! not ramadhan.. (cos that really would be 7aram :P) but eid, i think we can get away with! :P
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