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Thursday, October 27, 2005
Ron Howard should be assassinated...

Ron Howard is a mindless, commercial-movie wh*re! He should be shot for single-handedly butchering only the greatest story to hit the silver screen in years.. and he managed to do it before the movie was even shot!!

In case some of you don't know where this hatred and full-on rage is coming from.. allow me to clarify. Ron Howard is that guy from Happy Days (the old T.V. show) who is now some big-time Hollywood director.. Anyway, he's the director for the movie adaptation of The Da Vinci Code. Yeah, only the best, most original script to come out in years and they give it to Ron Howard! Now, I don't have anything against the guy on a personal level (though that may be hard to believe at this point..) and I honestly don't mind him directing the movie, but why... WHY did they put him in charge of casting?? He has chosen none other than Tom Hanks, the worst person for the role of Robert Langdon (The hero of the Da Vinci Code), as the lead! Tom Hanks!!? Talk about doing anything to make it a blockbuster! I mean, yeah Tom Hanks is pretty much guaranteed to bring people to the theaters, but come on! He is sooo not right for this role as anyone who has really devoured the book would know!

They should have done a poll on the authors' web site.. whereby everyone would go and nominate actors for the lead roles and then vote on the nominees... That would have been fair. You have to understand that this isn't just any other movie.. This is a story that has rocked not only a nation, but the entire world. It brought a somewhat understated and academics-only theory into the spotlight. It deserves to be brought to the silver screen in the most perfect form that Hollywood can muster.

If it were up to me.. and believe me, I have put a LOT of thought into this.. I would have chosen Jeff Goldblum... He's got that perfect blend of smart, but quirky with a little bit of dork thrown in that is Robert Langdon's style... He would be perfect! Kind of a blend between his roles in Jurassic Park and Independence Day.

Sophie Neveau... The brilliant cryptographer who goes on the grail hunt with Langdon is gonna be played by Audrey Tattou (or however the hell it's spelled!) Why?? b/c she's french evidently.... She is sooo wrong for the part. Again, if it were up to me, I would have chosen Rachel Weisz (Why do these people have such hard names to spell!?! ) Anyway, she's the chick from The Mummy movies and Runaway Jury... She's british so it can't be that difficult for her to cross the channel and adopt a french accent....

I don't really give a damn as to who plays the other characters, but those two were vital! They would set the tone of the whole movie and Ron Howard has completely ruined the movie for me without my even seeing it!

And now, I'm faced with a dilemma... should I even see the movie?? I'm afraid it'll ruin the book for me... that every time I turn the pages of my beautiful, limited-edition, illustrated version of The DVC, I'll be haunted by images of Tom Hanks' annoying, gray curls and Audrey Tattou's collagen enhanced lips running all over paris... :s Damn you, Ron Howard!!

You can tell I have too much time on my hands...

Jump on board, take the ride...



The reason why he chose Tom Hanks is that Dan Brown himself wrote in the 'Da Vinci Code' that Landon looks like Tom Hanks, check the first 5 chapters you will find it there (assuming that you have not devoured it yet, and that my memory is not playing games with me)

I don't know the director, but his casting choice indicates an adherence to the book, and not a preference for Tom Hanks himself. So if we want to bash the casting, I think we should start with Dan Brown.

And I think Audrey Tattou's previous roles make her suitable as the leading decodifying lady, there is something cutely mischevious about Sophie, just like Amelie.

In short, I don't like Hanks, but Tattou would pull me to the cinema :)

She's british so it can't be that difficult for her to cross the channel and adopt a french accent....
That craked me up :)

This is a story that has rocked not only a nation, but the entire world.
-Guess what, it didn't rock me ;)

Oh, and the guy who played the leading role in Wimbeldon, can't remember his name, he is playing the Albino.

Yeah Paul Bettany.... I like him, he's hot, but I don't know if he is Silo material.

I do remember a reference to Tom Hanks in the novel... but that happens a lot in books and those references don't end up on the big screen.... madry, all I know is I wouldn't have gone in that direction...

Audrey Tattou (still don't know how to spell her name...) ... madry she doesn't really fit either...

I know I'll end up seeing the movie eventually.... oh, well... c'est la vie!

I don't have anything against Ron Howard ,I think he's a good director ,I am sure you have seen movies like A Beautiful Mind & Appolo13 ,I am sure he will be able to deliver a very good movie ,not very sure ofcourse that his version will deliver what fans expects but we should wait and see ,and you should be in the front rows of audience to see Davinci Code the movie!

They should have done a poll on the authors' web site.. whereby everyone would go and nominate actors for the lead roles and then vote on the nominees)-I am sure you know that is almost impossible ,even if it was done they wouldn't have took audience's selection into consideration cause they have other measures ,and by they way I don't think that there would be any other one but you to choose some one like Jeff Goldblum! for the leading role ,he's a fine actor but not for this movie.


I respectfully disagree with you on this matter, but thanks for your comments :)

I know that a poll on the authors website might be a little farfetched, but hey.. it's an idea! :D

It's Audrey Tautou, bon sang ! They choosed her over Sophie Marceau, Vanessa Paradis, Ludivine Seignier and some other French actresses. Crossing the Channel won't make much of a difference I'm afraid...

And she's not the only French in the movie since Jean Reno is gonna be the superintendant whosenameidontremember...

And if I'm right the 'hero' is supposed to be compared to Harrisson Ford (who's way too old to play that one).

tom cang> Hell, yeah! Harrison Ford is waaaay too old for that role!! Il 7ayn Tom Hanks oo gilna he's too old hal marra Harrison Ford!!!??

I agree with you about the French actresses.. there are a lot of really talented ones out there... madry... Audrey just doesn't fit...
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