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Thursday, October 20, 2005
On the topic of virginity....

Where did virginity get such a bad rep?? When someone has sex for the first time they are said to have 'lost' their virginity! Lost?? If you've just had sex, I think you know exactly where your virginity has gone! Where did this event get such a bad connotation attached to it?

Why can't we spin it to the positive? Like, instead of 'losing you virginity', we can say 'found your ... sexuality' or something to that effect! And instead of saying 'gave it away', as in it was something so unwanted you couldn't wait to unload it on some poor schlub, we could say 'gifted it'....

Her: "So you really did it? you gave it away?"
Newly Deverginized Chicka: "Gave it away? No, honey. I gifted it! He's been good to me this month, so he deserved it.."

Much better, non? ;)

Dirrty South, we ballin' dawg!



Hahaha! Thats a great way to put! But, noone ever says I lost my virginity if they're married. I only ever heard it when it was premarital. I could be wrong.

I think they say consummated the marriage most of the time, whether or not virginity was involved.

Losing your virginity comes from the basic definition of the term virginity, and the fact you don't have it anymore. It's just what's most commonly applied to the act. You could say gave it away (willingly) or it could have been taken away (rape).

Terminology I guess. Different folks, different strokes. I use lost, but that's just me. It wasn't lost :) It was given.

Yeah delicately, I've never heard the term applied to marriage either... I guess when you 'consummate' the marriage (nice term william!), then both of u know exactly where the virginity has gone, assuming it was there to begin with!

I just posted this cos it was something my mom and I were chatting about and I thought it was a little strange... :D

What a refreshing angle... hehehe like i said, language can really dictate the perception of morality of acts

ok bed time
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