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I am a half kuwaiti/half american girl living in Kuwait. I am perpetually suspended in the granite hollow that fills the space between two worlds... Not quite who I am, not quite who I want to be... Cat-lover, poet, music-nut. I currently hold a PHD in both BS and Smartass. In short, I pitch my tent in the median of life..


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Monday, October 03, 2005
minions of the anti-christ...?

I'm convinced the Backstreet Boys work for the devil.

Every single time I hear one of their songs on the radio, not only do I somehow know the song by heart, but I also inevitably end up singing along!!! Me?!?! I can not STAND the Backstreet Boys or their music, so how in the hell is this possible?? I'll tell you how it's possible... it's possible because DJ Lucifer has taken over 99.7! How else do you explain the fact that everytime you turn the dial to that station, you hear that stupid " I'm miiissiiing you!" song by the Boys!!??

The Backstreet Boys are turning into the boy band version of Mariah Carey... you can not 'Shake, Shake, Shake them off'!! :P I understand that there are people out there who really like them, but come on! Why subject the rest of us (who have good taste in music) to the pain of listening to them everytime we turn to the superstation?? The Backstreet Boys 24/7 coupled with the speech-impaired DJ's... I don't think I can take much more of it....

Satan is in the building, Y'all!



99.7 is the work of evil

thou shalt not tune into that frequency or forsake life as thou knows it, to be engulfed in the eternal flames of pigeon english, stuttered comments, pathetic voices and poor music.

Seriously the station sucks. I used to DJ (a long time ago) and applied to get a job there, in the evenings for fun, hell i didnt even want to get paid, just loved playing my tunes. Regardless, they told me they didnt even pay salaries there, hehehe... and I know for a fact that they mess their employees around big time.

You have to be either:

1) Raging queer and totally unfunny
2) 500lbs, blonde, munaqaba, american married to a kuwaiti
3) Call yourself DLB, sounding like a strain of genital herpes
4) Read the news like you have a flagpole wedged so far up your backside ...

ok im getting carried away here...

We all know the SUBERSTASHUN is a Super piece of shit - always has been, and will remain to be so unless sweeping reforms are enacted - LOL LOL yeah right.

Anyways, the adverts suck, the jingles (were nice at the start) are starting to get OLD. The DJs are all shit... and the music is so so so so so so inconsistent. I mean why the hell play Best of the 70s compilations at all... come on guys... there is plenty of good stuff to choose from.

The only show i dont mind is the Trip hop, lounge, experimental electronica show, cant remember what nights its on, but they typically play some decent stuff - SOMETIMES.

Hmmm talk about getting carried away.. lol, Krispy... can you see the passion?


Who is your fav writer in Bazaar? What was your fav all time article in Bazaar? You cant nominate yourself :p

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I hate backstreet boys!!! Okay hate is a strong word.. I just don't like their music..

Entrepreneur, I WANTED TO HOST A SHOW MYSELF ON 99.7 !!!!!!!!

I think it is more or less generally accepted that 99.7 sucks hard!

Not_W/O_My_Heels : I totally feel you girl and for the record, I actively hate them! :P

and my, my, my entre'... aren't you a little worked up about it? some pent-up frustations maybe...? a personal vendetta?? :P but on the whole, I more than agree with you. They're all brainless retards (oxymoron?) :P

ummm... fave bazaar writer... I don't think I have one... Lulu Al-Bader is really cool.. I like her stuff...

Fave article... there was a short fictional story by a Graylan Moon, about september 11th and it's effects on a group of unrelated and random people. I think that was probably my fave so far. Although the fairy tales one in last months issue came in a pretty close second.


get down get down


NWOMH, Lets talk. Maybe we can launch our own pirate radio station. I remember looking into equipment costs a while back... you're seriously fucked if you get caught though hehe.

KrispyYeah, can you see the rage emanating? Thanks for inspiring me to introduce the 99.7 topic into my blog, I see its sparked quite a reaction too, I shall pass credit to you :)

Yeah I like Lulu Al Baders stuff, she writes well. I dont have a fav article of all time, i just enjoy flicking through :)

temetwir: hehehehehehe, BSB fan are ya??

Entre': you should totally start a pirate station... why would you be fucked tho?

You would be broadcasting without a license. Most countries get pretty uptight about that, Kuwait would be one of the worser places. Broadcasting without MInistry of Information and god knows whose permission would ensure you a quick trip the slammer.... where i guess you get slammed...

ok that was crude.

apologies in advance

no need to apologize, my man!
it's all good!

hehe :) ure fun

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Bazaar is out! :)

I know. They just sent me my copies today. Let me know what you think ok?

i just emailed u... :) do u msn?
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