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Sunday, October 09, 2005
Maish, primpin' and preenin'

I spent four hours at the salon today... 3 - 7 pm! Yup, I missed fo6oor... All for the sake of understandably gorgeous, understated highlights ( A side-bar for the guys: I say understandably 'cos gorgeous does not come without a price). But as I was sitting under the heating lamp, while my highlights cooked, I wondered why we women feel the need to go through such agony?

I'll tell you why... It's because every girl, at some point or another, surrenders to the need to be deemed acceptable by society's standards. Now, whether we women put this pressure on ourselves or not is besides the point. The point is that the pressure is there. It's like a ringing phone, sooner or later you have to answer.

Guys can't possibly understand this. For a guy, the simple act of bathing deserves a medal... and if he manages a shave or a haircut, then goddamnit he needs an Oscar! And so, men, with their infinite insight, berate and belittle a woman's effort to look nice. They chide us for spending so much time preening and primping. I find that interesting.. I mean, if men didn't value looks so much, why do they ogle and drool everytime Nancy or Shakira or that Bimbette Haifa come on?? I know they don't think those divas rolled out of bed looking like that.. Have you ever heard a guy say he likes Nancy because she has such a great personality?? or Elissa because she's such a good judge of character?? neither have I....

Difficult as this may sound, guys... girls do not go through these ordeals for your sakes.. or at least they very rarely do. Most of the time, a girl sits in a frickin' hairdressers chair for four hours because she wants to show up other girls or quite simply so that she can feel comfortable with the way she looks. At least that's why I spent so long there.. because I was sick of my hair color and needed a change.. and you know what? it was totally worth it!!

Here's another (although admittedly less lofty ) thought I had while the hairdresser was sishwarring my hair... Why can't someone invent a cordless hairdryer?? I must have gotten whacked with that damn dryer cord at least twenty times! Plus, I could tell she was getting irritated with having to untangle the cord from the seat every two seconds... They can come up with twenty thousand different ways to improve upon a toothbrush and yet no one has thought to advance the hairdryer! Go figure...

And finally, here is a question that illustrates one of the cruel ironies of life... why do my bangs like my hairdresser more than me??


Shake it till the moon becomes the sun,



seriously, what kinda guys r u around? :/

You know what bugs me most? We girls have to take care of ourselves and always look presentable. Even if a girl isn't the kind to wear make up. Aqal shay she has to have her eyebrows done, o moisturise her skin and have some lip gloss on, sa7? Well ishm3na guys look so good without all that? Bdon la foundation wela mascara wela ba6eekh? But, come to think of it, guys look UGLY when they have make up on.
temetwir: this is when you ask me, what kinda guys r u around?

Hehehe Layla, nice one. Though the male bashing was a little uncalled for ;)

Regardless... i agree with you... though I must say Im always appreciateive of the lengths women go to makes themselves look all fresh and nice and pretty and stuff. :p

I guess it stems from the extremely out of date scenario where guys are more the hunter gatherer role and the woman is the good looking baby making machine?

Who knows... i agree, women are extremely susceptable to society's pressures these days and the media are only making it worse.


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temetwir > obviously the wrong kind

delicately > I have this theory about guys... they either look really good... or really bad.... without doing anything to themselves... with a bit of male-primping the really bad ones can at least look presentable .. :P

Entre' > true dat! :P

the hair looks very nice... :) good job!

I thank you, kind sir! ;)

this would be a nice article in bazzzzzzzar

someones slacking with their posts ;)
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