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I am a half kuwaiti/half american girl living in Kuwait. I am perpetually suspended in the granite hollow that fills the space between two worlds... Not quite who I am, not quite who I want to be... Cat-lover, poet, music-nut. I currently hold a PHD in both BS and Smartass. In short, I pitch my tent in the median of life..


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Thursday, October 27, 2005
Infiltration of Bimbette Nation....

So, I was standing in line at my local Starbucks this evening.. The mere fact that I was standing in line should have tipped me off that something bad was gonna happen. It may sound overly superstitious and, perhaps, down-right insane, but I am fully convinced that bad things follow when I end up waiting in line at my local Starbucks... no where else.. just that Starbucks...

Anyway, so there I was, standing in line, when an escapee from the bimbette colony ( Are they allowed to actually venture out in public alone? ) walked into the coffeehouse... You know the ones I'm talking about.. Hair that has been straightened to within an inch of its life, perfectly manicured french tips, bubble gum pink lip gloss that perfectly matched her velour Juicy track suit bottoms, a tight black T-shirt and matching sneakers... off-the-charts bimbette! So, she got in line next to me and proceeded to ufff and sigh, possibly in hopes that one of the Neanderthals in front of her would step aside and let her go first... Sooo NOT gonna happen!

Anyway, it got me thinking... Where was I on the Bimbette Registration day? I don't remember any memo getting passed around... Or is Bimbette Nation a 'members-only' type thing where you have to know someone who knows someone who has kissed the hand of the Queen Bimbette in order to get in? maybe it's genetic... But it got me thinking, where in my life was that veritable threshold presented to me whereby I could pass into bimbette-ness or forever remain a normal, albeit slightly less visually entertaining, person?

I distinctly remember a budding crop of bimbettes from high school... The girls who always found a way to make that God-awful gray uniform seem like a choice. These were the same girls that somehow got away with tighter than tight and shorter than short versions of the school dresscode coupled with forbidden items of clothing like flashy watches and earrings that gave even the slightest hint of a dangle. I was not one of these girls. I spent my high school years floating between the nerds and the cool kids (cool kids and bimbettes being mutually exclusive entities in my school). I spent my time volunteering for things and participating in school competitions and I clearly remember spending my last year of high school in a state of perpetual 'ditching' in which I don't remember attending a single class...

So maybe it stretches back further than that... Junior high ... hmm... It's getting a bit hazy here... I do believe we had a set of miniature bimbettes in junior high... the ones who stood out in the median of the street flashing their legs at the high school, cradle-robbing boys who used to come skidding by in their GT's... I never could understand it. Junior high for me was about finally trading in my thick glasses for contacts and meeting the girl who ten years later is still the best friend I've ever had...

Elementary school is a blur... and I'm pretty sure bimbettes were not even in existence then...

So, assuming this threshold was presented to me in Junior high, I was too busy, too blind or just too damn smart to notice. And I'm sorry if this offends anybody out there, but these bimbettes are precisely why us kuwaiti girls have such bad images. They are the reason my brother, who is looking to get married, says he would never fall for a kuwaiti girl b/c all guys ever see, in malls, in restaurants and on the street are bimbettes!

Maybe I'm being a bit too harsh, but I am getting more and more convinced that everything that is wrong with Kuwait can ultimately be traced back to the Bimbette...

- Layla


Hehe Helarious..
"Bimbette Nation" Should be the name of your new book!
Thanx for Checkin me lil cwayzy blog.

wv:femsea (Monday's at 3gaila beach)

Where there is demand, supply will follow; I'm sure they taught you that at some point.

Stop whining about someone else's fashion sense, this country has bigger problems.


Whats wrong with getting dressed up, wearing makeup and looking sexy?

You can look good, and still have an interesting personality!

Hahaha I loved reading this! Keep it up!

I agree with CD, theres nothing wrong with looking good. I don't mind the way they look. I just hate 'The Bimbette Act'. They always have to look all pouty and have that i'm-so-bored-look. O 6ab3an they are living in their own personalised video clip cuz they always assume that they are being watched, and simple things like ordering a mocha or adding sugar to their coffee is done so dramataically! It amuses me to watch them.

wv: zippbzi (whats zipp 'bzi' doing?

I agree with Shady.

everything that is wrong with Kuwait can ultimately be traced back to the Bimbette...

everything that is wrong with Kuwait can ultimately be traced back to those who prefer Bimbettes and made them popular

Thanx mama fusla! Maybe I should write a 'bimbette nation' book... don't think it would sell here tho!:P

Shady > I was not whining... and if u had any amount of reading comprehension whatsoever, you would know that the post was definately NOT about someone elses fashion sense.

CD > There is nothing wrong with getting dressed up and looking sexy, it's the attitude that follows that gets to me more than anything.

Delicately > I agree with everything you said! :D

You're not a Bimbette because somewhere along the way you've joind The Smartass Revolution - welcome to the fold, we've been waiting for you.

Merci beaucoup, mcarabian! You are one cool chick! ;)

Krispy Kommando...

Hey hey, go girl, someone is dishing it up and serving it raw tongiht, salut!


...is one literary lunatic flexing her grip on that poison pen; delivering some of her finest.

bravo !


It's either that or you're implying that there is a correlation between one's intelligence and one's choice of dress. Either way, you could always help the underprivileged by rewriting it so that it wont be construed as whining, I'll give you some tips, 1) identify the problem 2) identify why it's been classified as such, 3) propose a solution 4) finally and most importantly do it in a most serious manner.


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hey entre'... you making up a new nickname for me?? ;) should I take that suggestion to heart? ;)

First of all, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I think Shady misinterpreted what Krispy was trying to portray. She was referring to the attitude that goes with being a bimbette, and not the bimbette’s choice of dress or her lack of intellect. Moreover, I think he needs to look up the term 'whining' if he believes that Krispy’s opinion of the bimbette is in fact whining.

Shady; it seems to me that you’re offended by what Krispy had to say about the Bimbette more so than anything else. Furthermore, to quote you on this “where there is demand, supply will follow”, implies that you are quite the big fan of bimbettes and so you’re too close to the source of the problem to be able to respond objectively. Nobody said good looks cannot be accompanied with brains! But when I think of the term ‘bimbettes’, I don’t just see ‘a HOT chick’ but I see someone who is vulgar and provocative in their attitude – someone who wants to stand out at the expense of being mentally vacuous. But hey that’s just my opinion!! I see beautiful women and bimbettes as two separate entities.

Shady> No where in that post did I even begin to imply that there was a correlation between a person's fashion sense and intelligence or lack there of... ( However, if that is the case, then you must have the fashion sense of Bjork..)

Also, if you construed that post as being of a whining nature, well then you seem to be the only one. Not one other person identified it as such...

mentally vacuous!?!? Wow? Where did that come from, C.C.?!?! Nice touch! and thnx for backing me up, babe! you're the best! :D

Bjork Rules...

1- The fact that everyone's entitled to their opinion is exactly why I replied to this post.

2- Well I can't really teach you how to effectively portray someone's attitude, but here's how NOT to do it:

"You know the ones I'm talking about.. Hair that has been straightened to within an inch of its life, perfectly manicured french tips, bubble gum pink lip gloss that perfectly matched her velour Juicy track suit bottoms, a tight black T-shirt and matching sneakers... off-the-charts bimbette!"

3- You are right about one thing, I AM too close to the source of the problem: people who pass judgments on those that deviate from their values.

4- "but I see someone who is vulgar and provocative in their attitude"

and by attitude you mean appearance, because clearly, in the above published gem of an article there is not one iota of an indication that your friend actually went up to the so judged bimbette, held a conversation then proceeded to have the opinions she had.

5- "I see beautiful women and bimbettes as two separate entities." Well I'm glad you cleared that up, genius.

1- I beg to differ that you believe everyone is entitled to their opinion; otherwise you wouldn't be insisting on “TEACHING” how to effectively portray someone’s attitude. And I didn’t recall any one of us ask for your help in that matter. Your remarks - clearly an indication of your persistence in enforcing your opinions on others.
2-As for 3 & 4, in case you haven’t noticed I was stating my opinion not Krispy’s and I was not just referring to this article single-handedly, but in general and I specifically meant “ATTITUDE” not appearance. You’re deliberately putting words into my mouth.
3- The last comment I made was clearly directed towards you since you obviously couldn’t find the distinction between what we call a ‘bimbette’ and just women who like to dress up. That was for your benefit- and you’re welcome, I know you were dying for me to clear that up;)

OK so it is the attitude. I agree totally that those bimbettes, sorry why are we belittling the fact that they are BIMBOS!? And yes it reflects on the way they dress. I must say that there is a VERY clear line between a BIMBO and a sexy lady. A bimbo is girl that dresses to the point that ALL that she is offering is sexual entertainment along with the usual attitude. A sexy girl on the other hand could be any girl with a God-given sexy look, plus the usual add-ons.Has anyone closely looked at a bimbo's face? Obviously not! too busy looking elsewhere.

What really saddens me the most, that really good guys, who have waited so long for the right moment in their lives to get married fall for such bimbos. The consequences? Alot of good girls decide to join "Bimbette Nation" to the point that it is negatively contributing to their ultimate goal. They are no longer a rarity or the X factor. Competition is on the rise. Maybe going back to deceny might work :)

"mentally vacuous!?!? Wow? Where did that come from, C.C.?!?! "

Hmmmmmm. Maybe your "original" friend got it from HERE

WV: otzhon (o teezak honeek)

While I'm glad that this topic has raised a lot of heated debate as to the characteristics and attributes that define a bimbette.. I would like to ask that everyone maintain some degree of respect for their fellow bloggers and their opinions... None of us have to be right or wrong in this matter...

Shady > I do appreciate your passionate response to this post.. You seem to be taking it more personally than others have and I guess you have your own reasons for that...
You put all of your emphasis that I judge people based on their looks by the description of the bimbette that I gave.. the lip gloss, juicy pants..etc. etc... However, you completely disregarded the line after it in which I describe how she ufffed and sighed while standing in line.. That, my friend, is attitude... I have no problem with people dressing the way they want.. kaifhom! ana shihimny? all I was trying to illustrate was the way in which these girls and I differ. Plus, when you have lived in Kuwait as long as I have and you have been around as many girls as I have, you learn how to immediately recognize a bimbo. I do not need to have a conversation with her to realize I am in the presence of a bimbo.

Amunki > Ok, yes... Bjork rocks. However, I think most would agree that she has an unusual fashion sense... Also, you must have a lot of time on your hands if you made the effort to 'bust' my 'original' friend on her choice of words...

Equalizer > Thanks for the comment and I see where you're coming from.. A return to decency would be a nice respite! :D
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