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Thursday, September 29, 2005
While I'm on the topic....

Can I just take this opportunity to say that KNCC sucks?!?! I have never seen a more poorly run cinema in my entire life... oh wait, I take that back. KNCC six years ago WAS worse!

I was an econ major in college and for four years all they kept drilling into our heads was privatization, privatization, privatization! I swear to God, I should get an honorary PHD in privatization for all the papers I've written on the topic...

So why in the hell don't they privatize the cinemas?? Say it with me people, Competition is good!! Monopoly (Ex. the board game) is BAD! They need to open this sector up to private companies.

First of all, the competition factor would force the companies to price the tickets at a level acceptable to consumers... 2.5 KD for a 2 hour movie that has been butchered down to an hour and a half is just plain theivery! Competition would give companies incentives like giving lower priced matinee tickets.. senior citizen discounts and the like...

Second, could we step up the concession stands a bit?? plain salty popcorn or caramel popcorn?? wut if I want buttered popcorn? or cheese popcorn?? A girl needs options people! and how about some sizing options?? med or large... wut if I want small?? or X-large?? you see where I'm going with this....

Also, when is the gov't gonna realize that we are a nation of grown ups (sort of...) who can handle seeing two people kiss on screen?? It's not like we haven't seen it all already... And what's with the selective censoring??

In that Perfect Catch movie, they cut the first few kisses between the couple and then about halfway through the movie, they gave up or something 'cos suddenly there was all this kissing going on! Also, did any of you see Mindhunters when it was at the cinema? Well, I did and they cut a scene in the beginning (understandably cos it was a shower scene with Christian Slater and Smokey Smokerson), but then they let this totally GAY kiss slip by unchecked!! @@ Since when are two guys kissing an acceptable thing to see at the movies?? You should have seen the audience... there was a very audable gasp....

Anyway, that's all I have to say about that....

Oh, one more thing...

KNCC Sucks! :P

Drain the veins in my head...



Amen Sista!!

hmm.. did u think kncc was odeon or something? :P~ hehe odeon is a movie theatre chain in london..

i so0 agree!

i hate going to the movies in kuwait!

there's nothing appealing about it..

the films suck!
the food sucks!
everything sucks!

hehe but i heard theres a new company coming out later on this year that should be competing with KNCC..

Excellent news Charisma!! I can't wait!!

I hate going to KNCC too, but shinsawy.. it's the only option!! That's why monopolies are so bad!!

I think one of the writers at Bazaar works for KNCC...

With regards to the gay kiss, lol, yeah homosexuality is prevalent across the middle east, in fact its probably best described as rife moreso than prevalant, lol

Krispy, did you write for the October issue? If so whats your alias ? :)

Yeah, I have two articles in october's issue, unless they got bumped off by the editor and nope , no alias' for me... I write under my own name. :D

i agree.

But i would be content if they just improved the concession stand, and had better and more movies.

For God's sake, did anyone see Napolean Dynamite? What was that?
I actually got up in the middle of the movie and went to talk to the manager and ended up writing a written complaint....then i went back to the movie and tried really hard to make sense of the movie, i kept waiting for the leading actor to wake up and find out it was all just dream.
Never happened.

complaining ma iyeeb nateeja, as they say. But on behalf of all movie-goers, I do appreciate your effort Delicately. I didn't see the napolean movie, but I'm sure it was butchered beyond recognition!

butchered, lol. cute use of the word
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