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La Verita
I am a half kuwaiti/half american girl living in Kuwait. I am perpetually suspended in the granite hollow that fills the space between two worlds... Not quite who I am, not quite who I want to be... Cat-lover, poet, music-nut. I currently hold a PHD in both BS and Smartass. In short, I pitch my tent in the median of life..


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Sunday, September 18, 2005
Pet Peeve

People at Starbucks piss me off... not everyone, mind you, but most people just make me wanna strangle them.
So, I was picking up my coffee this morning and this guy orders a cappucino... so far, so good, right? only once his coffee was made, suddenly Mr. Picky doesn't want any foam??!! No foam on his Cappucino!! Now, for all of you out there who aren't as coffee-savvy as I am, a cappu is basically ALL foam... Yeah, the milk and coffee only go about a third of the way up.. the rest is all foam... this seemed to be the guys regular drink, albeit, perhaps not at this particular starbucks, but you would think that somebody had informed him of the foam thing at some point... So, he threw a hissy-fit and told the guy to make him another. I wonder how many cups of coffee are thrown out b/c of hissy-fits??
And then, there are the people who linger at the condiments bar... Wut the hell?? Get your shit together and move on, people. Some of us have things to do and people to see without you holding us up while you decide whether to use sweet and low or brown sugar... Common courtesy would suggest that you at least move to one side, but nooooo these people stand straight smack in the middle of the bar. Honest to God, it is infuriating!! Especially when its people I see in there every morning, ordering the EXACT same thing. You would think they would know exactly what they want in their drink by now... I always order a tall soymilk latte' with caramel on top and I know that I like it with two brown sugars... so, when I get my coffee, I walk to the condiments bar, dump in my two brown sugars, give it a few swirls, replace the cap and I'm off. This takes all of thirty seconds.... And yet some people seem to spend half an eternity standing there stirring their coffee... then sipping it... then stirring it some more... and another sip.... ARRRRRRRRRRGHHHGHGHGHGHGH!!!

-Respect your fellow starbucker



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regardless, i would like to commend you on a fabulous blog... i like it alot... i like your writing style, your topical discussions and otherwise amusing banter :)

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