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Monday, November 07, 2005
Do different colors reflect our mood??

"Boring wife: Honey, why are you wearing your wedding ring on the wrong finger? Bored husband: Because I married the wrong woman!"

They say colors can have an overpowering effect on how we feel both physically and mentally.

So if colors are truly an indication of our emotions or moods, why is it customary for the groom to wear black and the bride to wear white??

When it comes to marriage, are the clothes they wear a reflection of their true feelings??

Everyone knows that ‘white’ symbolizes happiness and purity, whereas ‘black’ represents sadness, remorse, mourning and death. It is no wonder a woman wears white, she has dreamt about her marriage her whole life, and her wedding day is the HAPPIEST day of her life.

A man on the other hand, dreads marriage and wears black to reflect that it is the WORST day of his life since he's now tied down and feels his bachelor days are over. Men use 'Ball and chain' to refer to their 'wives' originating from the presumption that a man's wife keeps him from doing the things he really wanted to do in life. Talk about bad image!!


I don't think it's as complicated as that... besides some grooms wear white on their wedding day....

I think it's just a fashion thing... Don't read too much into these things, C.C.! You'll go coo coo!! :P

I agree with you that the groom wears black to announce to the whole world that this is the saddest day of their lives!!...LOL ...I am kidding ,seriously I think that the colors indications or symbols is not applicable in this case ,I think it's sort of colors contradiction between black and white ,I have seen some grooms wearing white or milky white as in the weddings

So.. if we wear a white dishdasha and women wear black 3abaya... does it mean it's totally the opposite here? :o

Nightlegend- u're right I guess color indications aren't valid in this case. I just thought the color choice was weird and the explanation seemed to make sense in a way. It's just an observation I thought was worth mentioning just to see other peoples' opinions...Lame I know!

3baid: Could be...U never know!

it's not lame! It's an observation worth exploring and talking about :D

Bravo fireberry! Never looked at it that way. :) Bes I would think that black is always considered as the best colour for formal suits/tux's. Bes I still like ur interpretation. :)
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