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Monday, October 24, 2005
Why are guys so easily influenced by their friends??!!

So their friends drink…Big deal!! That’s not an excuse to start drinking….It’s not the drinking which bothers me as much as the concept itself of ‘giving into temptation’ simply not to feel left out!!

I’m all for a guy who has principles and can practice a little self-control in front of his friends!! He doesn’t have to show off his muscles and act tough just to be accepted amongst his friends. I mean if his friends are willing to take drugs and cheat on their wives and commit suicide, would he be doing all those things just so that he wouldn’t feel left out??!!

Men should not have to worry about what their friends might think of them. They should be able to behave freely without allowing their friends to dictate their lives. They should start behaving how THEY want to behave not how their friends deem them to be!!

If their friends think they're wimps or even cowards or think less of them in anyway for not joining them then what kind of friends would they be??


Where do u find these pics, A? :P

I'm glad u finally got this topic off ur chest.. I'll reserve judgment on the matter for the time being...

Keep it up C.C.! ;)

Amen sista!

I don't know Krispy, I guess they just fall into my hands :p Looking 4ward to hearing ur opinion tho!!

Thanks delicately! I appreciate the support:)

I wouldn't call people with bad influence, "friends".
I look for those with good qualities and hope I could be influenced by them instead.

Peer pressure is a big deal for both genders. Girls can fall in with a bad group as well - bas they're more supervised in Kuwait so they have to be sneakier about what they do.

Most kids will buckle under peer pressure at least once in their life, doesn't mean they won't grow out of it.

By the time people reach their mid -late twenties they're usually equipped with the sense of mind to know how to deal with peer pressure (unless they're not psychologically healthy, or if they're an MP).

That's my two fils.

see fireberry... mid-late twenties!!! :P

listen to mcarabian! she seems to have a good head on her shoulders!

I agree that peer pressure affects both genders and, in kuwait, girls do have to be sneakier about it which makes male peer pressure all the more obvious...

it's a combination of factors really that determine whether someone will crumble under peer pressure or not... upbringing, personality, willpower... lots of things... some things are just part of growing up, other things are more cemented into ur personality... I don't know...

McArabian Your two fils was worth ... every fils. :) I think our MPs need a support group even moreso than our underage binge drinking youth.

Krispy Kween Wise words from a wee woman ;) Yeah i think its definately dependant on various factors... i dont think anyone can say they havent given in to peer pressure, even in adulthood. The herd mentality and power of crowds is a crazy force to be wreckoned with. Take the financial markets for example, whose helm is steered by some of the most brilliant minds on the planet. The madness of crowds is a phenomenon that continues to create huge inefficiencies in theoretically efficient markets.

And on that note i think i'll hit the sack. Bon soir blogger buddies.

hehehe i spelt reckoned with a W, wreckoned. LOL

wreckoned is nice enough! u know? it's got double meaning... WRECKoned... get it? ;)

Thnx for the comment, monsieur!

I have a friend that leaves Kuwait during the holidays to escape peer pressure of partying too hard!

wow... interesting....

I've heard of people leaving Kuwait for a lot of reasons, but peer pressure to party?? that is news to me...
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