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La Verita
I am a half kuwaiti/half american girl living in Kuwait. I am perpetually suspended in the granite hollow that fills the space between two worlds... Not quite who I am, not quite who I want to be... Cat-lover, poet, music-nut. I currently hold a PHD in both BS and Smartass. In short, I pitch my tent in the median of life..


Picture perfect
"Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live."


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Monday, October 17, 2005
Still Waiting....

Like a prisoner, entrapped by my own state of mind
Vividly watching my life pass by
Envisioning it through a window
Hearing whimsical laughter and joy
But never truly getting what that's all about

It's like I'm an outsider, like I'm on a different wavelength
than everybody else,
I stand back and watch my life go by
Not playing a part of this never-ending act of pretense
Dreaming, hoping for a miracle to save me
Waiting for a glimpse of love,
A feel of freedom to embrace me

A father so overprotective,
Engraving all my fears,
A life so cruel holding me hostage
And people!! Just people!!
Judgmental and selfish, going only by appearances
I feel vulnerable and threatened
I dream of insanity,
Feeling its proximity
Waiting....for a less-than-perfect-life!!


good stuff, A! keep it up! :D

Hey Lay, thanx!! Right back'achya hon.

Thats so touching :(
I can totally relate to that, that its freaking me out

keep up the good work

Thanks for sharing delicately,now I know I'm not alone!! I appreciate ur comments:)
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