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Thursday, September 01, 2005
Whose body looks more plastic Tara Reid’s or Barbie’s??!!

Is it “in” right now to look like a big fake Barbie doll?? Whatever happened to natural beauty?? Seriously, take a look at Tara Reid’s for instance, her boobs look like two orange halves stuffed under an orange bikini halter. They’re the same perfectly rounded implants everyone opts for, Lil Kim, Tori Spelling, Mariah Carey and the list goes on. Their implants end up looking like big balloons ready to explode which can only be associated with hookers and porn stars rather than beauty queens!!

The tighter face, the plumper blown-up lips and the perky button nose, celebrities are constantly trying to mould themselves into something they’re not. Throw in what only looks like cheek implants and eye lifts and you’ve got a completely different person not at all resembling who you are. Plastic surgery is not the perfect youth potion!!

What’s the point of having so much surgery done, and looking just like everybody else? The qualities which determine our uniqueness and distinctiveness from everybody else are what make us special. In an attempt to pursue the hopeless quest for youth and prolonging of beauty people end up butchering they’re real beauty!! The idea of spending the rest of your life expressionless and with that weird ‘surprised’ look on your face is beyond me!! And I thought the point of surgery was to look better not WORSE!! People have to accept who they are, be proud of what they have and be confident with what God blessed them with!!


You deffinatly have a point!!!!
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